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Joliet, IL Drivers Are Falling in Love With Their Used Chevy Vehicle Options

You don’t become a leading US auto manufacturer by chance, and area residents are ecstatic to see the great used Chevy Joliet, IL options that are available. For more than a century, Chevrolet has brought as many iconic models to American homes as any manufacturer around. While it may have started with some flagship models, Chevy today offers quite possibly the most dynamic lineup of any manufacturer in the world. Whether it’s heavy duty trucks, high performance coupes, or environmentally conscious hybrids and electrics, Chevy has been leading the way for a long time. While many Joliet drivers already know this, they might not be fully aware of just what the Chevy brand has to offer in a used car. Let’s take a look at a few reasons behind what makes the company’s offerings so special.

  • Solid Everyday Cars
  • Hi Performance Options
  • Class-leading Trucks and SUVs
Every Day Warriors

For this looking for a great balance of reliability, efficiency, and utility, the used Chevy Joliet, IL options for everyday cars are impressive. If you’re looking for efficiency in a small package, you can take a look at the older Aveo or the newer Spark, Cruze, and Sonic. These three newer options will get you into the 40 mpg highway efficiency range while offering surprisingly good pickup.

If you’re looking at more midsize options, the newest member of the family is the award winning Cruze. Despite its larger size, you’re still afforded 40 mpg in some trims. Add in options like phone integration and wifi, and there’s no wonder this model is taking the scene by storm. We can’t talk about the Cruze without bringing the Impala and Malibu into the picture as well. For decades these two models have offered as much used Chevy Joliet value as any, and their reliability and longevity speaks for themselves.

Leading the Hi Performance Charge

Camaro. Corvette. These are two words that just about every American car owner recognizes immediately, and Joliet drivers are no exception. Since 1953 the Corvette has been tearing up the streets with its trademark style and incredible performance. As far as the used Chevy Joliet market goes, fifth and sixth generation corvettes are great values. Furthermore, even the most “basic” of corvettes in these generations brings a hefty 350 hp. The record-breaking ZR1 brings output to nearly twice that!

The Camaro has been no slouch over the years either. Introduced later in 1966, it is quite possibly the most iconic muscle car in American automotive history. Similar to the Corvette, the fourth and fifth generation versions are great values when it comes to used Chevy Joliet, IL options. Indeed, the SS versions from the fourth generation are widely regarded as some of the best performance packages the company has ever offered. After a small absence from the lineup, the fifth generation returned for the 2010 model year, and early versions are great used options for Joliet residents.

Award Winning Trucks and SUVs

As impactful as Chevrolet cars have been to Joliet, it’s hard to say that the most impactful segment isn’t the truck line. Just as the word “Corvette” evokes emotion among performance car lovers, “Silverado” does the same to many truck enthusiasts. For almost twenty years it has been pushing the envelope of what a truck is capable of, and the Colorado and Silverado HD keep the momentum going.

As crossovers and SUVs have onto the scene, Chevy continued to be right at the front of the pack. In fact, many people don’t know that the Suburban has been around for over 80 years! While it continued to be the go-to for many American families over the years, newer models like the Traverse and Equinox have built upon its success and made a fine addition to the used Chevy Joliet, IL lineup. The bottom line is that quality reduces the instances that you’ll need unexpecting service or towing in Joliet.

It’s no secret that Chevy has honed its craft over the last century. Now you can reap the benefits in your used Chevy Joliet, IL search!